R17 Pistol Replica 

R17 pistol replica was made from metal and polymer. This model features a metal slide. As in the live firearm, iron sights have luminescent, bright green dots that allow for easier alignment of sights after dark. The paint, after intensive illumination, is visible in low-light conditions. The replica features a mounting rail underneath the barrel, which enables the attachment of a laser sight or a flashlight. This model features a functional trigger safety.

The replica has a Blow-Back system, which increases the level of realism by pulling back the slide after each shot and loading a new BB into the chamber on its way back. The slide is locked in rear position after firing the last shot.

R17 is powered by Green Gas, loaded from the bottle directly into the magazine. The magazine itself is a two-row kind, which allows it to store up to 22 BBs.

The sidearm can be easily disassembled for maintenance and cleaning - which is an important advantage, because very frequently gas replicas require a lot of attention from their owners. The sidearm is disassembled into two parts in a way specific for the live firearm original.

The replica has a functional Hop-Up system that in order to be adjusted, requires the removal of the magazine and detachment of the slide (disassemble the replica into two parts as described in the manual).

The set includes:

- replica
- magazine

- package of test BBs

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R17 Pistoletas

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