JG0638 V2 subcarbine replica

The replica is made mostly from light and durable polymer, same as its real firearm counterpart. The outer barrel, flash hider, iron sights, and front RIS rail are made from steel. The whole is exceptionally well fitted and balanced, relatively small weight and compact dimensions grant high maneuverability, which is additionally increased by stock folded to the side of the replica. 

On top and and bottom side of the replica the universal 22mm RIS mounting rails were installed which allow installation of various additional accessories. The replica is built using system of modular components which for example allows easy replacement of the magazine well for M4/M16 type magazine adapter. The accumulator is located inside the front grip, it"s dismantling is done by taking out one blocking pin. 

The newest version comes with the innovative muzzle velocity adjust system. Special type spring guide was installed in the gearbox and by changing it"s length the muzzle velocity is also adjusted. It is done by adjusting one allen screw. The adjustment can be done in the range ~360-400 FPS. The allen screw is easily accessed – by simply folding the stock and putting allen into the visible hole in the back of the replica. 

Inside of the replica is also well made – it has steel gears and directional piston head for increased performance. The newest version gearbox comes with 7mm steel slide bearings. 

The replica comes with 470 bb"s polymer hi-cap magazine. It is equipped with press studs allowing linking of the magazines together.

 The set includes: 

- replica
- magazine
- accumulator
- charger

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JG0638 V2 subcarbine replica - black

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