CM011 sub-carbine replica

The CM011 is a novelty in the CM company’s offer. The replica, just like the original firearm, is made mostly of light and durable plastic material. The barrel and the RIS rail located in the bottom of the front grip and the iron aiming sights are made of metal.

The texture of the body is a little rough what guarantees its antiskid properties. The construction itself is durable for damage and its proper balance in combination with the low-weight and shortened barrel improves the overall functionality of the replica. Additionally, a stock equipped with a rubber stock’s foot and which is folded to the side was used. These features, in combination with the muzzle velocity of about 360 FPS make the CM011 a perfect replica for games on short and middle distances and also for the CQB type skirmishes.

The whole is made in a modular system what allows an easy replacement of the magazine well for the M4/M16 standard.

The set includes:

 - the replica
- a magazine
- a battery
- a charger

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CM011 sub-carbine replica - black

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