Mauser 712 - G12 pistol replica


The replica was made on the base of the Mauser type 712 weapon. The replica"s body, the slide and the pistol grip with its covering panels were made of durable polymer plastic, while most of the minor construction elements were made of an homogenous alloy of zinc and aluminum.


The replica is delivered with two magazines - the bigger one holding 10 BB pellets and the smaller one holding 5 BB pellets - it is equipped with a fixed Hop-Up system. The reload takes placed when the chamber assembly is pulled backwards, while as the main spring guaranties the muzzle velocity of about 225 FPS with the use of an 0,12g BB pellet.


Due to the realistic size and the weight similar to the original weapon"s weight, this replica is without any doubt a real catch for the fans of historic weaponry.

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Mauser 712 - G12

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