• [KWC-02-014277] MP40 Pistol Replica


MP40 Pistol Replica

A replica by KWC. The main construction of the pistol was made from polymer with the exception of internal mechanisms that were made from metal. Excellent craftsmanship of the parts and their alignment guarantee problem-free and precise operation of the replica.

The replica is equipped with a safety that locks the trigger mechanism and prevents accidental firing. Access to the safety is very simple- the mechanism lever is within the range of an index finger (right next to the bow).

The replica is powered by a single CO2 capsule, placed in a metal magazine. The utilization of such power source at high muzzle velocity of 450 FPS guarantees the ability to fire a large amount of shot without having to replace the capsule (thanks to the absence of a mobile slide). It is a very economical solution and one that prevents unpleasant surprises in the field. The pistol has a 22 mm mounting rail under the barrel, to which additional accessories like a tactical flashlight or a laser sight can be attached..

The set includes:
- replica
- magazine
- hex key

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[KWC-02-014277] MP40 Pistol Replica

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