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AM-009 Assault Rifle Replica

The newest series of replicas by Amoeba Airsoft is based on a well-known design of AR assault rifles. However, these replicas were appropriately modified and upgraded with many construction details and interesting technological solutions, which increase not only their functionality but also visual appearance.

The receiver of the replica was made from a reinforced nylon. The quality of materials used makes it difficult to notice straight away that it is in fact polymer not metal. Receiver boasts effective in appearance markings, among other, of model, caliber and Amoeba Airsoft logo. Metal was used in the manufacture of the hand guard, outer barrel, flash hider, stock slide and several miscellaneous elements. The pistol grip is adequately profiled and covered with a rough, anti-slip texture that increases comfort and steadiness of the grip. Magazine release button was enlarged in order to make its usage easier.

The replica features a telescopic, adjustable stock, which allows to adapt the length to the user’s body shape and preferences. The battery can be stored inside the stock and its slide. The stock has also QD (quick detach), double-sided tactical sling swivels. Access to the Hop-Up regulation knob is gained in a traditional way in this type of construction - by pulling back the charging handle and uncovering the shell ejection port.

AM-009 has a modular hand guard that allows for full adaptation of the replica to the individual needs of the user. RIS 22 mm rail segments can be attached to the hand guard in multiple positions thanks to the holes around it. The set includes 3 such segments together with mounting screws. RIS mounting rail located on the top of the receiver allow for the attachment of a wide variety of additional accessories, starting with optical sights and ending up with flashlights and forward grips. The assault rifle has fixed iron sights: flip-up front and rear sights, attachable to a RIS rail.

The outer barrel has a right-handed, 14 mm thread which boasts a flash hider.

Amoeba Airsoft replicas have the ability to rapidly replace the spring without having to disassemble the gearbox skeleton. The heart of this replica is a reinforced, slightly modified gearbox v.2, with an integrated EFCS - Electronic Firing Control System module. It controls the operation of the trigger mechanism, allowing for smooth operation and, above all, shortens the motor reaction time to a squeeze of the trigger. A standard connector cube was replaced with an electronic system. EFCS has an in-built MOSFET module. The effectiveness of shots is provided by a brass, precision tight bore barrel with a diameter of 6.03 mm.

EFCS significantly prolongs the lifetime of the mechanism, thus of the entire replica and allows to use a high-voltage battery, including LiPo. After purchasing an external, dedicated EFCS programmer, the user will gain the ability to set the sequence of fire modes, as well as the burst mode (3-BB fire).

The replica comes with a polymer hi-cap magazine with a capacity of up to 300 BBs. The magazine has a rough, anti-slip texture and a foldable pull-mag handle.

The set does not include a battery or a charger.

The set includes:

- replica
- magazine
- User’s manual

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[AMB-01-015040] AM-009 Assault Rifle Replica - Dark Earth

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