• [ICS-01-031574] CXP-YAK SBR S1 Carbine Replica - tan


CXP-YAK SBR S1 Carbine Replica

A replica of the CXP-YAK assault rifle in the SBR version made of the highest quality materials. The replica is made almost entirely of metal in CNC technology - the interesting-looking body of the replica and the front with the Keymod system are made of metal. A stock with adjustable positioning, ergonomic pistol grip, hi-cap magazine holding 300 BB’s and folding sights are made of durable plastic. 

A well-known and characteristic feature of all M4 replicas by ICS is the unique design of the two-part gearbox, which allows for quick replacement of the upper module and adaptation of the replica"s power to the requirements of the playing field. To maintain the correct position of the gears while assembling the body, the manufacturer used a mechanism that releases the gear to the zero position after selecting the safe position on the selector. It also allows for a significant extension of the replica"s usefulness.

The stock not only folds to the right side, it has a six-step adjustment and an elevated cheek support. Inside there is a space for the battery and the fuse. It is also worth noting that the replica uses an electric blow-back system that causes the slide to move during the shooting. The carbine was designed for both right and left handed shooters - the fire selector and magazine release are on both sides, and the bolt lever can be mounted on the left and right side.

Internal elements are fully compatible with parts of other reputable companies - the exception is, of course, the gearbox shell and nozzle. Reinforced internal parts are the standard here, which makes the replica an excellent base for further tuning. The replica also features a MOSFET system that improves the rate of fire and trigger response parameters.  

The set does not include a battery or a charger. 

The set includes: - replica - hi-cap magazine - user manual - a set of spare fuses - ramrod

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[ICS-01-031574] CXP-YAK SBR S1 Carbine Replica - tan

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