• [DBY-01-003506] PDW BY-806 Carbine Replica


PDW BY-806 replica

The BY-806 model was made of ABS plastic material. The upper receiver and the RIS rail is a one part along with the carrying handle which is also equipped with a RIS rail. 

The elements which characterize this model among other PDW (Personal Defense Weapon – carbines/sub-machineguns in their shortest and lightest versions designed for helicopter crews, tank crews and drivers as a defensive weapon which can auto fire the AUTO firing mode) is its size, weight and, foremost, its versatility for both, left and right handed shooters. The replica is equipped with an ambidextrous firing mode selector lever thanks to which you can change the firing mode with the thumb or the index finger of both hands, it is also equipped with the so-called “multi magazine catch” – the ambidextrous magazine release lever. The weapon’s body is also equipped with a QD type attachment point.

The replica is equipped with a stock foldable to the side and which also minimizes the replica to the minimum of 450mm. On the top mounting rail, there are mounted the “flip up” type iron aiming sights which are perfectly made and, foremost, are functional and durable. After pulling the cocking handle, the bolt dummy reveals the Hop-Up adjustment knob.

 The magazine which is included in the set is made of ABS plastic.

Inside of the replica, there is a V2 gearbox which is made of polycarbonate.

The set does not include a battery or a charger. 

The set includes: 

- the replica
- a magazine
- PEQ replica for battery

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[DBY-01-003506] PDW BY-806 Carbine Replica

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