• [SPE-16-027215] 0.20g Specna Arms EDGE™ BIO Precision BBs - 1kg - White


Specna Arms EDGE™ precision BB’s

The Specna Arms® brand precision BBs from the professional EDGE™ series. Its wide offer includes the highest quality ammunition for airsoft replicas, manufactured by real experts in the field of precision BBs - the Taiwanese BLS brand.                                                                                        

The diameter of the BB  is 5.95 mm (+/- 0.005mm), and the differences in the weight of individual BB do not exceed 0.01 g. As a result, EDGE™ series BBs will be perfect for tuned replicas equipped with precision barrels.

Each BB is carefully polished to a high gloss at the final stage of processing. Then they are coated with a special layer that reduces friction to ensure trouble-free cooperation with precision barrels. This makes the BB work better with the Hop-Up bucking.

Thanks to the full control of the manufacturing process, the end result is a perfectly spherical BB, without any imperfections. The well-distributed center of gravity combined with the lack of air chambers inside the BB allow for an excellent repeatability of shots.

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[SPE-16-027215] 0.20g Specna Arms EDGE™ BIO Precision BBs - 1kg - White

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