• [SPE-16-035830] 0.28g Specna Arms ONE™ BIO BBs - 1kg - white


Specna Arms ONE BIO BBs

The ONE series BBs are high-quality, precise BBs manufactured by the Specna Arms brand, which is known on the airsoft market for their quality and innovative airsoft replicas. By launching the ONE line of BBs, the brand is expanding its range of BBs with a line of professional ammunition for airsoft replicas. ONE BBs are perfect as everyday airsoft ammunition. It’s the perfect balance between high-end quality and an affordable price.

Each of the Specna Arms BBs after final processing is thoroughly polished to a high gloss. Additionally, in order to ensure trouble-free operation with precision barrels, the BBs are coated with a special layer that reduces friction. This translates into better cooperation with the Hop-Up bucking.

A fully controlled production process guarantees perfect sphericality of the BB’s without visible seams or irregularities. The lack of air bubbles inside the BB’s and a well-distributed center of gravity contribute to a nearly flawless repeatability of the shots fired.

The diameter of the BB  is 5.95 mm (+/- 0.005mm), and the differences in the weight of individual BB do not exceed 0.01 g. Thanks to this, Specna Arms BBs will work well in both standard barrels and precision barrels, where they can show their full potential.

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[SPE-16-035830] 0.28g Specna Arms ONE™ BIO BBs - 1kg - white

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